This is one epic party, girls could not wait to start sucking dicks, they just fucked like there was no tomorrow! Why do I never get invited to parties like this?? Smoking hot chicks that love to fuck in public, free flow of alcohole – what more can a guy ask for?




















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3+ minute long clip from College Rules here. The other chicks in this hardcore video is Eva Cole, Sage Evans, Thena Sky and Vanessa Sixxx.



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It's Rick's birthday and we're going to give him a surprise party at the dorm. The CollegeRules way! It's a good thing all my girls came to party. Silly-string and mouths made to suck cock. We stripped him naked and had our way with him. Five sexy ladies sucking the birthday-boy's dick and licking each other out. It's my type of party. What more could you ask for. Happy Birthday Rick!

















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