Kennedy was having fun in the pool in nothing but her thong and that is dangerous when there are horny guys around. She couldn't expect to get left alone then!


So this horndog approached her and removed her g-string then licked her yummy punani. Then she sucked his cock and got nailed in the sun before he blew his load all over her face. Good thing she was close to the pool so she could clean her face in a jiffy!


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Kennedy is out on her boyfriend's boat and is wearing an insane bikini. It didn't cover much! She shows it off then strips down nude before she is ready to give some pleasure.


She unzips her BF's pants and sucks his dick on the deck before they fuck like wild animals on this fine summer day. At the end he pulled out and sprayed her tight rump full of jism.













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First a random nude pic then Kennedy is dressed up in her sexy training outfit. That attratced a naked guy with a boner and she knew how to handle him. She sucked his large penis by the pool then let him penetrate her young vagina and widen it a little.















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As the title says, she fucks a huge dildo in this set. She attaches it to the floor then rides it like a horny maniac! After that I have some mixed pictures for you, dunno how they got in there :-p


















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Kennedy flashes her boobs in some public stairs then goes home do to some nude posing. She finds a huge vegetable to fuck but chickens out unfortunately..


















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This teen is not only beautiful, she is also very kinky! At first she just flashes her ass and breasts in the garage, but then she goes down to the local park where she fucks a squash! Probably ate it too afterwards..  When walking home she passed a golf court and she couldn't resist getting completely naked so all the grumpy old men could watch her ripe teen body for free.


















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