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This dude was spying on his sister's friends in bed. They noticed him and invited him in. Suddenly they just pulled out his big rod and sucked it! He couldn't believe what was going on but he let them continue and soon enough he got to penetrate their tight punanis as well!


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Kennedy hooks up with a MILF and licks her pussy out by the pool. Then they go inside where they meet Kennedy's boyfriend. He's flabbergasted to see these two hotties naked and hand in hand. They invite him in for a threesome and he was all in of course.


They sucked his big dong together and let him take turns banging their awaiting pussyholes. The girls kept themselves occupied with pussy licking and also rimjobs were thrown into the mix!














































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I don't know the name of the other chick so if you do please use the comment field :) Thanks!


Kennedy and her girlfriend dicks around outdoors and flashes their lovely teen bodies. Then they go home for some real lesbian action.  Check them out fingering and eating pussy below!

















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From the episode Locker Room Hijinks.


Jakes love to spy on the cheerleaders in the dressing room. Usually he just peeps through a hole but this time he has dressed up like a girl and looks at them via a mirror. They catch him pretty fast and is outrageous at first but then they decide to give him exactly what he wants; their pussies! They make him eat them before they let him have his way with them at the end.












































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Kiera and Kennedy are girlfriends and have now decided to bring a guy in to spice up their sex life. He said yes immediately when they asked him and they ended up in bed shortly after.


Kennedy was the most experienced one with guys so she begun by sucking his big penis. Kiera followed her lead and made the FFM threesome complete. They sucked him together then took turns getting pounded. The girl that was without cock spent her time licking pussy or balls so it all worked out nicely without any idle time. They all seemed satisfied at the end and I'm sure they will repeat this experience soon!































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