Kennedy has set up an appointment with a massage therapist to relieve som sexual tension. She feels tight around the back and shoulders but it's mainly her pussy she's looking to get pleasured. That's why she contacted Ryan, he was surely the man to give her pussy the right treatment.


She was not dissapointed by her masseur, after oiling up her delicious teen body he pulled out his cock which she sucked glady. Then they had some lovely sex on the massage bench before he pounded her hard on the floor. The first thing she did after the cumshot was to book a new session soon!

























See them have sex in HD!

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David says:

wow  kennedy you are a perfect girl with firm titties, a cute face, sexy body, tasty looking pussy and a nice round ass. What more can one ask from a girl who goes down and takes your cock into her mouth and pussy. Absolutely love you and would love to fuck your brains out one day and cum over your titties.

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